May the 4th be with you

May the 4th be with you! UCC has a range of vendors owning a variety of diverse #fiber to choose from.

Your path you must decide…

⭐ Diverse, redundant and restoration capacity available: NY4 Equinix Secaucus, NJ to SP3 Equinix or B3 Bovespa (São Paulo). 1G/10G available. 

⭐ Standard, route diversity & #lowlatency transport on this key financial route: Tokyo CC1/CC2 to Aurora/CME or 350 Cermak. 10/100G available.

⭐ Range of #transatlantic low latency (ULL) cable routes suitable for trading, market data, and wholesale bulk transport: NY4 Equinix Secaucus, NJ to 2 Buckingham (LD4). 10/100G available.

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