United Cable Company Your source for the world’s most distinctive submarine cable assets United Cable Company Your access to the market’s most unique fiber & bandwidth connections around the world United Cable Company Providing the world’s most sought-after colocation real estate and cloud strategies, customized for your network


UCC management team has over 50 years of combined knowledge and industry experience which offer our clients first-class network solutions.

United Cable Company (UCC) is a firm that specializes in telecommunications consulting services and solutions for high bandwidth network operators such as WHOLESALE carriers, Infrastructure developers, hyper-scale web-centric ecosystems, ULL finance networks, banking, and finance enterprise clients.

UCC specializes in network diversity, optimization, design, procurement, and telecom expense expertise. By working with established networks of over 35 International telecom vendors, our company helps businesses acquire affordable and reliable telecommunication services. From the management of vendors and contract negotiations to deliver the customer the best network solution at the right price.

We are prepared to work with any business structure in addressing the organization’s global telecommunication objectives. Networks are reviewed with our clients, aligning the current needs of the organization, and making every decision with those growth objectives in mind. That begins with the design, implementation, and continued client support throughout the procurement and implementation process. United Cable Company (UCC) partners with our clients to become an extension of their Telecom Procurement team to help analyze their network life cycle and offer solutions to meet network growth and needs. Our clients are the top priority.

Our team has over 50 years of collective experience in WHOLESALE international private line access infrastructure, ULL strategies across all markets, colocation, procurement, and network optimization. We can accommodate Low-Mid or even High-Frequency network designs. Back-office OTC communication activity or ULL-specific latency designs. Since the early 1990s, our team has developed the world’s most interesting and diverse global networks. We have operational access to the submarine and terrestrial capacity and cable landing stations across every major continent. Infrastructure down to the fiber level. Below are few areas of our expertise.


Submarine & Terrestrial Fiber Build Management

Auditing Telecom Vendors, Sourcing Capacity & Negotiating Costs / Terms


Network Architecture Consulting

Delivering our customers the best network solutions


United Cable Company (UCC) engages and collaborates with the world’s leading telecom professionals to better prepare existing fiber systems and network technologies for the growing, global capacity demands of tomorrow.

Its mission, as a leading telecom consulting company, is to represent the world’s most distinctive submarine and terrestrial cable assets. UCC provides unique network development, Infrastructure design, planning, deployment and procurement with a wide-array of dark fiber and lit capacity service offerings, to address our clients’ ever-expanding needs.



Our UCC management team represents over a century of telecommunications leadership experience. We are a rare company that not only understands the intricacies of constructing fiber, cloud and data center network systems, but we also have the expertise in managing and selling these systems to local, regional and international clients.

With Distinction
UCC is like no other

We leverage the world’s most unique and sought-after IT assets, to deliver unparalleled network solutions.

Local or Global
Our reach is everywhere.

Our distinctive assets can circle the world or be in your backyard, based on your needs.

Quality support
Help is here.

Our customer care is priority one. Reach us anytime by clicking here.

Proven Expertise
There’s a lot to a name.

Our team is comprised of the top telecom names you have known and trusted for years.


United Cable Company has a wide range of services to accommodate your fiber communications projects.


Subsea fiber/ lit capacity

Cable Landing Station interconnects subsea-terrestrial

Terrestrial fiber/ lit capacity

Long Haul/ Metro/ multi-national connectivity

Diversity/ Latency Solutions

Wavelength/ Ethernet/ IP Capacity


Solutions Engineering

Core/ Metro/ Enterprise Network fiber/ capacity sourcing

Business Case cost/ revenue analysis

Sales Engineering

Technical Marketing

Network/ Business Development

Expert Witness Services

Cable reels


Fiber Design

Service Delivery and Implementation

UCC Represents Multiple Lit Global Networks

Channel and Brokerage Services

Private line service (pdf)



Privately owned, new fiber optic infrastructure installations done in the US. Bulk reel purchase of all DF fiber types, sizes and manufacturers.

For pricing & build options or more details, email info@unitedcablecompany.com.


Anywhere US & EU

48-hour install window

Military grade



Schedule a meeting with our team at the following industry events by emailing your availability to info@unitedcablecompany.com

Recent outings

Dinner prior to faceoff, 1/15/2022
Breakfast meeting with Dave “the Hammer” Schultz
Philadelphia Flyers HOF member Dave Schultz with Eric Gutshall and Todd Fedoruk in the Flyers alumni box with UCC clients, friends, vendors & colleagues.
Night out with friends, clients and vendors at MSA Rangers/Caps game 2/25
Eric and DB
UCC 2022 Fathers Day, Charlies/Bay Head NJ. ~Thanks DB.


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From September 2010: Eric Gutshall, President of Wholesale, Head of Global Sales & Marketing, along with his team, Joe Hilt EVP of GFN/Express of Hibernia Atlantic Global Financial Network (GFN) and Dave “The Hammer” Schultz,




United Cable Company


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Our mission: Strive to be the Industry Leaders by representing the world’s most distinctive niche submarine and terrestrial cable assets. Providing unique network designs, Capacity Sourcing, Procurement Infrastructure alignment, planning and deployment. Supporting Wholesale carriers, web-centric ecosystems, ULL banking and financial clients the very best performance by auditing multiple telecom vendors through negotiating the best costs and terms and providing you the lowest possible pricing and swiftest delivery of a wide-array of service offerings.

Providing superior communications services to address our clients’ ever-expanding international needs at the best possible prices.

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