As a buyer of telecom infrastructure, you need a variety of network services to meet your ever expanding global bandwidth needs. That’s what we do at United Cable Company, the industry leaders in network capacity procurement and sourcing. Headquartered in New Jersey, our local experts on five continents source and connect you with the best network providers that offer the best performance, lowest pricing and swiftest delivery.

Our services include answering all of your capacity and infrastructure requirements, auditing multiple telecom vendors and choosing the right fit for you, negotiating the costs in terms, and delivering you the right solution your team requires at the very best possible price.

It doesn’t stop there. At UCC we are your eyes and ears on the ground. So whether you need dark fiber in New York or Singapore, transit in Sao Paolo or Hong Kong, and ultra-low latency route linking financial exchanges, or a 100 gig way from Seattle to Frankfurt, we are your go-to team.

Contact us at UCC to get your project started and on the right course.



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